I come from a different time and age
Don’t copy me, y’all won’t relate,
Just here to see, your entropy,
Your make believe, your masquerade.

Honestly, it’s no debate.
They sell you dreams, y’all bite the bait,
Your brain’s asleep, thoughts formulate,
But you’re in the dream, they form too late.

The hate inside, can’t contemplate,
The noise outside, can’t concentrate.
We monetize democracy and glorify hypocrisy, no wonder that what’s left to see,
is poverty and empty plates.

It all seems like it’s meant to be,
The universe wanted ends to meet.
The chaos does make sense to me,
All controlled by some entities,
By wealthy thieves and policies,
I spilled the beans, no apologies.


Save me from me

The night is cold
and I’m alone
by myself

I’m shouting out
into the dark
a cry for help

And I need comfort
yeah, I need help
and I need saving
from myself

So save me from me
won’t you save me from me?
darling, save me from me
save me from me

I’m trapped inside
my filthy mind
cant break through

Nowhere to go
I’m on my own
stuck on you

And I need answers
to calm the storm
to kill my demons
to end the norm

So save me from me
won’t you save me from me?
darling, save me from me
save me from me


The Long Night

It’s been one hell of a year,
I Don’t know where to begin.
Wondering how I made it here,
Drenched in hate and sin.

Plenty of long nights,
Contemplating what I’ve become.
Always trying to wrong my rights,
Ended up as stranger to some.

It’s better to have loved and lost,
Than to have never loved at all.
For, to love is hard, it comes at a cost,
But the pride disappears after the fall.

Why settle for good?
When you’re destined for great.
Why settle for ‘Dude’?
When you could be ‘Babe’.

Sometimes it’s easier to hold on,
Which makes it harder to let go.
But only then can you move on,
If you never try, you’ll never know.

And in the end, I stand tall,
For what didn’t kill me only made stronger.
Just when I thought I would fall,
I pushed on, I went on for longer.

And now I look forward to put up a fight,
For the storm has now settled, the ocean resides.
The darkness fades away, I see a glimmer of light,
The Long Night has ended, I will see the sun rise.



Sweet goodbye.

Teary eyed, I lay in bed,
Your smile still flickers in my head,
Lost in memories, I hold near,
This is sweet goodbye my dear.
I don’t know how we reached this place,
That we’d ask each other for some space,
Once inseparable, now we’re torn,
Left alone to sulk and mourn.
The mind is a scary place to be,
When you’re haunted by cherished memories,
They remind me of the good and bad,
They taunt me with what I could have had.
But after all that we’ve been through,
Why do I still fuckin miss you?
I had my shot and I let you go,
No, you ain’t coming back anymore.
It’s all been a blur, ever since you’ve been away,
I’ve been Drowning in liquor just to pass the day.
I’m left in the aftershock, blinded by pain,
Knowing I fucked this up, you’ll never be mine again.
I hate to admit it, but I gave in to my pride,
Chose another over you, now you’re not by my side.
Always thought that we’d make it, till the end of the line,
Now I’m stuck here in transit, wishing you were mine.
But I wish you the best, and I hope that you’ll see,
That the other men out there aren’t pathetic like me,
I got nothing but love for you, I just want you to know,
That sometimes you just have to let THE ONE go.

I Hate U. I Love U


Still remember the night you left,

The dress you were wearing,your mascara was fading,

All the things that I should’ve said,

I thought I was strong,but guess I was wrong.

Did I hurt you like you hurt me?

Fucked up bad, Now you fuck me.

I Didn’t mean to cause you pain,

But now that I’ve changed, You’re doing the same.

So don’t pull a me on me cause I wouldn’t like that shit,

I’m not that guy no more, Don’t put me through that shit,

I call and text you, But you never mind that shit,

I need you here now, But you never mind that shit.


Oh, Oh tell me is it so?

You’re in love with someone else,

But you can’t let go.

If you want me then just say so,

But if you don’t, Then I’ll move on


I don’t mean no harm,

I just miss you in my arms,

Wedding bells were just alarms,

Caution tape around my heart.